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Now I imagine most of you here reading our pages know all about Ragdolls and their history going back to the 1960's in the USA so my apologies if the following reiterates everything you already know!!











The Ragdoll is a cat breed with blue eyes and a distinct colourpoint coat. It is a large and muscular semi-longhair cat with a soft and silky coat.  The Ragdoll cat is often considered to be one of the most elegant in the feline world. They are finding there way into the hearts and homes of many people all over the world with there charm, looks, grace and lovely kind natures. They have super silky long hair and gorgeous big blue eyes.  Ragdolls tend to get on with everyone including children and other animals.


Ragdolls are incredibly affectionate cats who are known for their generous size and for being a very docile and laid back cat, with a silky angora-like coat and has striking blue eyes!  


Ragdolls are indoor cats due to their sociable and friendly natures and have such sweet, loving personalities.  They are intelligent, loyal and affectionate companions so if you’re looking for a new best friend who will follow you around the house like a little shadow – a Ragdoll is for you!


With my 'Little-Doll' Ragdolls, I strive to maintain the traditional qualities of The Ragdoll breed and, I make it my mission is to ensure that only the very best healthy Kittens who are faithful to the Ragdoll breed. I believe when cared and loved like this I can be assured of that unique Ragdoll temperament and wellbeing.


I have spent years involved with the Ragdoll breed, and I ensure my Queens are chosen for their beautiful temperament and deep blue eye colour.


My 'Little-Doll' Ragdoll adult cats are all GCCF Registered and all are PKD/HCM Tested.