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Little-Dolls RagDolls

Small hobby breeder of traditional, quality bred, pure

Ragdoll Kittens.




Meet our Queens...  Marmalade, Nola, Nessa & Nakia



Our Queens are all active GCCF registered Queens, and are truly pampered princesses. They have been brought up in our family home with our children and our dog, Star. The health and wellbeing of our Queens is of absolute paramount importance to us, and in turn our Girls produce beautiful and healthy kittens.









Marmalade is our Lilac Point & White Bicolour Ragdoll Queen, and is truly the little princess of the group with her cute little pink nose and bright blue eyes!











Nola is our cheeky little fluffball and is a Blue Point Mitted. She is a stunning example of the Blue colour and is full of mischief.











Nessa is our Lilac Point Queen, with a beautiful and distinctive deep lilac face, who is always ready for a cuddle.












Nakia is a perfect Seal Point beauty. She is a perfect example of this colour, with a beautiful full coat.