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GCCF Breeders Code of Ethics

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I shall breed discriminately and only from cats in good health, of good breed type and make use of any recommended health tests relevant to my breed.

I shall make sure that any cats I register on the GCCF active register, whether for myself or a fellow breeder, meet the same criteria.


I shall give careful consideration to the frequency with which a stud cat is used and with which queens they are mated with in order to maintain genetic diversity.


I will maintain a good relationship with my veterinary practice who will support my endeavours.


I will ensure to the best of my abilities that any cats I breed go to responsible, loving homes, where they will be properly cared for.


I will ensure kittens leave for their new homes fully vaccinated, insured and appropriately treated for parasites, vet health checked and to the best if my knowledge in good health.


In addition to the GCCF documentation and pedigree I will ensure that cats leave for their new homes with written information, detailing their health records (including worming, flea and vaccination records), feeding regime, general care and recommendations for neutering or already neutered.


I shall ensure that new owners are given information about GCCF and affiliated Breed Clubs.


I will encourage the new owner to contact me should they need any help or advice.


I will only mate a Queen who is healthy and in good condition, and only as often as is appropriate for her wellbeing.


I will not accept into Stud any Queen that is registered on the non-active register with the GCCF, or whose registration with another governing body is ‘non-active’


I am the holder of a GCCF registered prefix and I consent for the GCCF adding my personal details to the breeders scheme website.


I shall register or declare all my kittens born to GCCF registered parents.