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Little-Dolls RagDolls

Small hobby breeder of traditional, quality bred, pure

Ragdoll Kittens.




Our delightful 'Little-Doll' Ragdoll 'babies' are born and raised in our private home, not in a cattery, and are a part of my family.  We adore every single one of my Ragdolls and love being with them, watching them play,  grow, and sharing in the joy of raising beautiful, healthy happy Ragdoll kittens that are always showered with love, affection and our full attention from the day they are born.  Being small 'Hobby Breeder' of mostly traditional  Ragdoll Kittens.  We breed only ONE litter per year from each of our Queens and never before they've reached full maturity around two years of age.















We strive to maintain the Traditional Qualities of The Ragdoll and make it our mission is to ensure we breed only healthy Kittens who are faithful to type &  the Unique 'Raggie' Temperament!


Our Queens and Kings have been chosen for their beautiful temperaments and deep blue eye colour.  Our lovely and loving 'Little-Doll' Ragdoll kittens are given every opportunity to be the best companion and most lovable cat you and your family could ever wish for.  Our Kittens are only sold to 'forever homes' only,  which we do screen carefully before agreeing to a sale.   We value my kittens and want the best for them where they will get the love and care they deserve.


I put a great deal of time care and love into my breeding and watch them grow into beautiful, gentle pets.


All our 'Little-Doll' Ragdoll adult Cats are GCCF Registered 'Active', and we ensure all are PKD & HCM Tested 'Normal.


Our Kings and Queens are never re-homed once their breeding life is over as we consider them as family members and have a place in our home for as long as they live.


Our kittens are raised at home, so all are socialised as family pets and raised with the best loving care and nutrition we can give, we pride ourselves on the love and affection we offer to all our pets and strive to provide the best food and environmental conditions we can.  Proof of our dedication, care and commitment to the animals we re-home can be provided from the many genuine testimonials received from both current and past owners.


Prospective owners will be pleased to discover that every Kitten will be 'litter' trained and every kitten will have been Vet checked and Wormed twice, fully Vaccinated, Insured and Registered with GCCF,  also full documentation and  Pedigree record will be supplied to each new owner along with our complimentary starter pack and remember you will not be alone as we are always just a phone call away for any advice needed.

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