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Small hobby breeder of traditional, quality bred, pure

Ragdoll Kittens.




My delightful 'Littledoll'Ragdoll babies are born and raised within my private home and are very much part of our family. We all adore each and every one and watching them play and grow.


Sharing in the joy of breeding and raising beautiful, healthy, happy  Ragdoll Kittens that are showered with love, affection and our full attention from the day they are born is simply magical.


Meet the family.....

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Ragdolls are stunning semi-longhaired cats with blue eyes. They are known for their relaxed, friendly and trusting - which makes them superb family pets.


Often ragdolls will follow their owner round like a puppy and will even adopt the ragdoll pose of flopping flat on their back, with their legs stretched out for their tummies to be tickled.


They are incredibly affectionate and like to receive as much love as they give. For this reason, ragdolls are not suited to a home where they would be left alone for long periods of time.


Once you own a ragdoll, you will find they are an experience of a lifetime. Most people cannot stop at just one.



Little Dolls

Tiana - Our latest Queen!!